Sunday, 22 June 2014

so long, no action?

Well I knew these sets of challenges would keep me from twiddling my thumbs - but really? Did I have to start out so ambitious? I'm no psychologist, but I really think this is my problem, and, my undoing. I am a HUGE dreamer, planner and perfectionist. I take on too much. I think there are some non-existent expectations of me (which are entirely my own!) and often are bitterly disappointed if I fall short. Sometimes my behaviours and grandeous ideas motivate others. Often they frustrate people, and leave some feeling slightly inadequate.

My Mum is often alongside me in my endeavours, encouraging me. My husband loves what I do but doesn't like seeing me stressed over my own ambitious undertakings, when I could easily scale things back a notch.  My kids really don't know what to make of the world as yet, so don't necessarily notice the small detail.

Whilst I probably don't admit it often, I am very much like my mother in my creative pursuits, standards, and ideas. No doubt because together with my father, they have been the biggest influeneces in my life. So, I can't blame my parents for the way I am, but I say...perhaps I have some 'learned' behaviours and traits?  Hehe. To know me is definitely to know my family, too!  My husband is extremely practical, realistic and supportive of me also. In fact, he sets his own standards extremely high, and I'll talk more about this soon.

Hmmm, so I'm often the 'big-thinker' or strategist, I like the planning and preparation, the thrill of starting out on something new and exciting. That's probably where I've really fallen short with the blog, as I pressed 'pause' before things really got started.  Rest assured, life has definitely NOT been on pause, and we have shared so many exciting experiences together as a family over the last five months - it's been fabulous. We have shared some really sad times too, but that, my friends is the essence of life. Taking the good with the bad.

So, best get on with my story - and yes, the challenges are still in the background, but I may just chose a different path for my 'outlet' from now on... :-)

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