Wednesday, 8 January 2014

the year of ME...

a new calendar year has indeed ticked over, and whilst I have a fair indication there won't be any HUGE news, announcements or celebrations this year (like the birth of any more children :-p), I want to take some time out for me and try and set some goals to work towards.  

a friend of mine recently shared a link over at Life Hacker with some great ideas for setting personal goals and challenges for yourself during the year, helping you work towards improving your organisation skills, saving money and maintaining some cultural balance in your life.  The challenges really appeal to me, as not only do I enjoy having something to work towards and some idea of the path I'm taking - but I figure my particiaption will make me stop and take a break from the treadmill of life that I often find myself strapped to. 

yes.  A lot of mothers would know what I am talking about - the relentless set of chores that never ever go away. The most basic things that consume your whole day - for example, all things associated with clothes washing and food.  I'm sure there are varying degrees of involvement with these tasks for mothers' all across the planet, yet being the house proud mother with three children that I am, I often find myself staying up ridiculously late just so these tasks are in order and completed for the day. Once completed, or 'under control' as I like to put it, I kid myself that I will have a clean slate in the morning to do some awesome activity with the kids without a sense of housewife guilt, or that I may even afford myself some time in the afternoon to do some sewing, reading or chat with a friend. But no. It never happens like that. The housework and errands and time consumed running a house never go away.  In fact, they breed, and not necessarily at a rate proportional to the number of people living in the house. 

if your main agenda item has been caring for babies, which mine has for four years now, you are relieved to hit the three, four, five, six month milestones where you are no longer constantly feeding. Babies are by this time in great little routines and things all start falling into place. Not that the washing and food issues disappear, but perhaps I personally learn to lower my standards. Just a little. Which is neither a good nor bad thing.  !Ouch! Sometimes it kills me, but the realisation that I will go insane if I don't have some me time, kicks in.  Previously I've started on my sewing again, then I start dreaming BIG about other projects and... well achieve very little for me personally. My 'me-time' is still generally for others, or tied up in the anticipation and excitement of starting a new project that I never get enough momentum to follow through.

so, to cut to the crux of this post - i'm going to try and spend time each week following challenges and enriching my personal life, and ask you to keep me accountable. Above all, i really hope i can stick at something, make my time less about the mundane tasks and perhaps selfishly more about me. After all, a happy mummy and a happy wife will surely benefit my #1 supporters. 

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